AstroConnexions 1.22

AstroConnexions is the next-level astrology charting app.

AstroConnexions is the next-level astrology charting app for the iPad.

AstroConnexions is the next-level astrology charting app. It has a unique and powerful design to make your life easier. For beginners and professional alike

Natal, transits, progressions, directions, solar and lunar return charts are all available at the tap of a button.

Tap the bi-wheel and see for yourself how easy it is.


Natal charts, inc horary, historical etc

Solar and Lunar Returns


Secondary progressions

Solar Arc directions

New, Edit, and Save charts

Full landscape view of charts

Extensive time zone and geographical database

Use a map to choose lat and long. Use your current location for all new charts

Old Style (OS) dates. New Style (NS) dates. LAT and LMT handled

Over 400 charts provided

Terms, triplicities, dignities, aspects:

Terms (Ptolemy or Egyptian) and triplicities

Essential dignities and debilities

Day and Hour Lords

Full set of aspects

Traditional table of aspects.

Variety of ways to view aspects by table record

User definable aspect orbs

Moon’s applying aspects can be viewed individually on the chart

House Systems:

Many house systems (Placidus, Regio, Whole-sign, etc)

Bi-wheels, Import charts:

Single and bi-wheels for transits, progressions, directions SR and LR

Go forward or backwards in time. Choose the step interval: 1-12. By Years, Months, Days, Hours, or Minutes

Chart Listing:

Easily find a chart, with browse button (review any chart with tap) and search ability

Order chart list by name or most recent created date.

Show either natal or horary charts


Display user-selectable aspects lines, eg shown only hard aspects

Show aspect lines or not

Import Charts:

Import charts from Solar Fire (Windows) via DropBox.

Export Charts via Dropbox

Speculum: Long, Speed, Lat, Declination

Fixed stars, Colour themes:

Prominent fixed stars are shown on the chart. Details available from fixed stars pop-up table

User-defined fixed star prominence


Charts can be coloured to individual taste, including fills

App has many colour themes


True or mean Lunar Node

Proportional and non-proportional charts:

Proportional with terms and triplicities

Arabian Parts:

All parts can be configured for day or night, or fixed



AstroConnexions 1.22

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